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After getting pretty comfortable in San Diego for the past 2 ½ week. This is my 3rd departure date and I am defiantly going over the border to Mexico today. 7:30am on a Sunday morning was a great time to leave. Danielle rode out with me. We took the scenic route and most easiest. From out in Mission Valley it took about a hour to get to Down town San Diego. From here we took the ferry across the bay to Coronado. Had a nice view looking back towards the city. Then we cycled South along the very narrow and flat strand towards the Mexican Border.

BAJA MEXICO 1 2015-12-13 015.JPG




After 50Km we arrived at the border and I was stuffed. After a few weeks off……..wasn’t use to it. Also my Asthma has been playing up. Getting into Mexico was easy. It took 5 mins. When I got up to the X-ray machine. They pulled me aside. Asked me to open one pannier. I pulled out a pair of shoes. They said ok that’s fine and I was on my way. I have two panniers full of food and I thought they might have confiscated some of that. I didn’t even pass the US Customs. So have no idea how they would know I have left.

I have really dropped myself in it. I know very little Spanish. It’s going to be a challenging few weeks till I get the hang of it. Soon as I crossed the border. I could sense a real change, and could feel the excitement with the anticipation of a new and different adventure that awaits.

My inisal plan is to cycle down the Baja perninuliar before getting the ferry back over to the main land and continuing on to Guatemala.

I asked for directions and soon found myself on the expressway. I cycled over an over pass and it was a bit disconcerting when a section of the concrete barrier was missing and there was nothing separating me from the road below. The expressway took me along the border straight to the coast. There were people living in make shift huts. There were lots of interesting smells as well. I had to cycle up a huge hill that killed me.

BAJA MEXICO 1 2015-12-13 030.JPG


I got about 10km before the police kicked me off the expressway (1D) With the help of some locals I then found away to skip around the police and get back on. I got off the Expressway at Rosarito to avoid the toll and from here on, the 1 Highway was ok. My cycling day turned out to be a little longer then I like. I got caught cycling in the dark for about the last 8km I was very happy when I found my warm showers host. Iain is original from the Uk and has a hostel that he kindly lets cyclists camp for free. It was dark and about to rain. Iain said I could just camp in the basement to keep dry. I was able to go up into the hostel and cook. There were two other guest and another cyclist turned up later. Jen was from Canada and Sophie from Germany. They have a jeep and are driving to Panama. Dylan was American and is just cycling South till he’s had enough. Everyone says don’t drink the water. Day one and Im drinking the water from the tap. Iain and his daughter Molly drink the water………….so I am just as happy to.



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Glad we slept in the basement as it rained in the night. It was pretty windy as well and ocean was rough. I didn’t end up leaving till 10:30am. When I did I went straight back on the expressway so I would avoid having to go inland and instead continue to follow the coast. Once your on there. There’s no getting off. Because there are no alternative roads. All along the coast there are holiday apartments, hotels and some large developments only half finished and now at a stand still. The coast road climbed right up high, giving a awesome view down the rugged coast. There were some fish farms in the bay and from my advantage point I was overlooking some Ranchers with cattle and crops.

There was a toll at the end of the expressway/military cheek point. A special forces guy ran out and flagged me down. He was cool he just unshed me to the side and got me to push my bike along the foot path. He spoke good English and we had a good chat. At the cheek point they are looking for guns and drugs. His face was covered by a scarf. I guess he doesn’t want to be identified. He would be a marked man with the drug cartels.

BAJA MEXICO 2 2015-12-14 017.JPG

Ensenada wasn’t to far away. It’s a tourist town and a stop off point for the cruise ships. There was one in at present. Finding my warm showers host proved a little difficult this evening. There are no street signs and when I asked a local…………they were un sure. Finally I was able to find a local who could help………..thankfully I was only just around the corner because it was now dark. My hosts Tomas and Carmen already had another cyclist Robert from the UK. They had two separate guest houses out the back. So it wasn’t a problem

I was only going to stay one night. Tomas and Carmen have kindly let me stay another night which will allow me to explore Ensenada before moving on. On the walk into town I stopped off for my first bit of Mexican street food with some Taco’s Carnie Asada. Very tasty. When I found the main street it was very touristic and very deserted. No cruise ship into day. Just a block back was the real Mexico. I walked through the local park.

BAJA MEXICO 2 2015-12-15 027.JPG

Old guys were playing scrabble. There was a kiosk and I stopped for a Mexican hamburger. Later I found the street market. I was the only tourist, otherwise it was only locals. No tourist prices here. There was some good cheep stuff here. For some reason I was drawn down to the fish market. It was interesting. Some big fish for sale. I then walk home back along the beach.


BAJA MEXICO 2 2015-12-15 052 To get back in I had a opener for the garage door. Tomas had come home for lunch (3-4:30) and had let the dogs out into the yard . I got a shock when I only lifted the garage door half a meter and two dogs ran out. It was bad timing. One dog came straight back. It took Tomas half an hour to get the other dog back in.


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Leaving town there was a 6km long traffic jam. Lucky for me it was on the other side of the road. I am finding the fumes are really hurting my throat. Most of the day was spent inland climbing up through the mountain. Passed by lots of vineyards, farms and some vegie crops, But a lot of it was baron. I got into San Vicente around 3pm and stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. I got chatting to a truck driver. We both new little of each other language…………but we got by ok. After lunch I ask in the Restaurant if I could please camp next door………….and that is where I have put my tent. It is 5pm. The sun has just gone down and now I am about to go to bed


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It’s typical. In San Diego I put all my winter cloths to the bottom of the panniers. This morning it was freezing cold. My tent was frozen stiff. I could have done with gloves and a hat because my hands were hurting with the cold for at least the first 45 mins on the bike, till things warmed up.


I slept alright for my first night in the tent in Mexico. I did have a lot of dogs wondering around, having a good sniff and I had to look out to cheek my panniers a few time. At night I always leave all my bags on the bike because there is not any room for them in the tent.


The landscape had two contrasts today. Very dry and deselect and very green where crops were been grown and had a sauce of water. There is no water above ground. All the rivers are bone dry.


The main highway is sealed. All other roads leading off it are dirt. In fact the ground from the road to any shop is just dirt as well. There is a lot of dust. In this area there use to be a mine back in the 1800’s that was managed by the French. Even today there is still a small French colony here from those that stayed even after the mine closed.




The towns were about 20-30km apart today. I stopped after 30km in San Telmo for breakfast. It is so nice my money is starting to go further. Even with my little Spanish I am still managing to have a few conversation. I ordered a cup of tea and ended up with ice tea. Breakfast was good………….ham, cheese and mushroom omelettes. It was pretty up and down all day. Late afternoon I saw two touring bike. I found the owners having lunch behind a building. Nelly and Jerome are French, but live in Whitehorse and that is where they started there trip back in July……….they are traveling with their young daughter Josephine who gets to sit in the trailerIMG_9329.JPG. It just happens we are all going to be staying with the same warm showers host tonight. Gabino and Lupita.

I pushed on, and a car pulled up beside as I was cycling into town. The lady said you are coming to me ? It was Lupita. With only our own languages. I work out she was not going to be home till 6pm, but to just go round and let myself in.

In there front yard they have build a nice big room for cyclists with a bit of a kitchen, bathroom and table. Good place to hang out.

I never left the guest house till noon. I walk into town to eat and eat some more and get some grocery’s for the next few days as we cross some more mountains. So I ate some more Taco’s and cheeked out the Pandareia for some baked goods


START 10:30 FINISH 16:30 (19/12/15)


I might have been sleeping on the flour of Gabinos guest house. I was still pretty comfortable and could have quite easy have stayed another day. As it happened we had a bit of a late start and I decided I would cycle with the French family. Even tho they are quite slow. Only cycling 40 km a day. The pace suited me fine. We had a nice lunch break in a small park.

BAJA MEXICO 3 2015-12-19 021.JPG

We then continued to cycle down the coast until we decided we would find somewhere to camp for the night amongst the dunes which were part of a Natural reserve. We found a nice spot hidden from the road and only a couple hounded meters from the beach. After getting the tent up we went and explored the beach. It was Stoney and the cliffs were been eroded by the sea and wind……….only wild life of interest were the pelicans flying past. 


START 9:20 FINISH 15:20 (20/12/15)


It rained a little in the night. Once the sun came up the rain was gone. I had breakfast with Jerome, Nelly and Josephine before I said good bye.

BAJA MEXICO 3 2015-12-20 004.JPG

The road soon left the beach and now I will be cycling in the desertie mountains for a few days. In Rosario I took on 5 litres of water. Could be the last shops for a while. It wasn’t a hot day. It was a hard day woth a lot of climbing up and up and up. Passed another milerty cheek point and again they just waved me on. The land scape is really bare. Every now and then there are a few Catuss around.

Gabino, my warm showers host from San Quintin gave us a fact sheet to La Paz with a list of places we should be able camp for free. I found El Descanso which was on the list at 3:20pm and the next place on the list was another 15km away. With all the hills I was pretty tired and didn’t want to risk it so I stopped at El Descanso for the night. It is a Ranch and they have a small restaurant out front. I asked if I could camp first before going in for a meal. I was surprised that out in the middle of nowhere they had a generator for power and they had WIFI.


START 7:30 FINISH 14:30 (21/12/15)


I got a whole 9km before I got my first flat tyre in Mexico. It’s always the back and I unloaded everything and fixed it…………..well I thought I had. Less then a km down the road it was flat again. Fixed it and I was on my way again.

BAJA MEXICO 4 2015-12-21 017



The land scape round here changes a fair bit. One minute there is nothing…………then there are thousands of Cactus and the next minute huge boulders.

I meet 3 people today, who have all kindly offered me a place to stay as I travel South.

I am using 5 litters of water a day. I stocked up at the minimart. Just as I was leaving town I got caught up in a funeral precession. There was a police escort followed by a pick up truck with the coffin.

This part of the country is in a 10 year drought. Where there are rivers, they are dry. Where there were once lakes. They are also dry. Just as I was leaving Catavina I came across an Oasis in a little valley off to the side of the road. I pushed my bike up the sandy river and found a very special place to camp surrounded by lush green trees on one side and towering boulders and cactus on the other.

BAJA MEXICO 4 2015-12-21 029.JPG

I was in my own little paradise. It might have only been 2:30pm in the afternoon. I wasn’t going to pass up this opertunety. Only 70km for today just means more kms tomorrow.


START 7:15 FINISH 15:20 (22/12/15)


I had a peaceful night in my little Oasis. The moon shine brightly lighting up the whole area. I did hear some frogs. I got up with the sun. I was all packed up when I noticed my back tyre was a little flat. I went to get my pump and got a shock to see it wasn’t hanging on my frame where it should have. It quickly dawned on me that after Id used it yesterday. I hadn’t put it back on the bike and it in fact is lying on the side of the road 63km back. Lot of good that is. I thought about going back to the town of Catavina. My golden rule is to never cycle back. So decided to push on. I thought the tyre pressure might just below with the drop in temperature in the night and the pleasure would again rise with the heat of the day. All was good for the first 5km that gave me hope. Wishful thinking………….the tyre was shortly after flat as a pancake. I didn’t panic. I have seen load of cars come past with bike strapped to the back. So someone is bound to have a pump.


BAJA MEXICO 4 2015-12-22 005

The first car I flagged stopped. It was a couple from California. J and Alissa had a compressor…………unfortunately it didn’t work. They very kindly took my wheal the 10km back to Catavina and got it pumped up for me. I was very grateful for there help and to be back moving again. I took full advantage of a nice tail wind and after two days of climbing I got to descend. It was important I had a good day as I have a warm showers host tomorrow evening in Gerroero Negro. 230Km away when I started this morning. Despite a 90 min hold up this morning and stopping at 15:30. I still managed to do a 118km. I could have done more………I would probably have to camp among the cactus…………..Instead I stopped at the first Restaurant in Punta Prieta. I asked the Senor if I could please camp.

Not a problem I have put my tent up around back. I then went in for a meal

BAJA MEXICO 4 2015-12-22 019

$ 6.25 For steak and chips and a drink and wifi………… not bad. Then some big speakers have come out and it looks like I have crashed the Christmas party.


START 6:40 FINISH 14:00 (23/12/15)


I’m loving these tail winds. I had another really good run in to Guerrero Negro. I was humming along at 20 – 30km hour. As soon as I left Punta Prieta the landscape greened up sernifgiantly. I could see why as we had some light rain early on in the day. Guerrero Negro is a industrial town. It is the hub for the second largest producer of salt in the world. Its a largish town………..had little to offer. One sealed road and everything off it was sand. I got a little lost trying to find my host and when I went into a coffee shop to ask for directions………..the next minute they were on the phone with my warm showers host Sara…………who said she was sending here Husband to collect me. I really appreciated Aldfonso coming to get me. I then followed him in the car. It was a good few twist and turns to get there. My hosts had for sons and a daughter in a two bed room house. I camped out side under a small shelter. I was thankful to get my first real wash in a week. There was no hot water from the tap, so Sara kindly boiled some water up for me.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-24 008.JPG

My Spanish is really poor and it was difficult for us to communicate. I arrived on the 23rd December and was shown the Turkey and was given the impression I was been invited for Christmas dinner……….which I thought was really nice. I had a relaxing evening, watched a bit of Tv and then went to go off to bed at 9:30pm and Sara asked What time are you leaving tomorrow…………which caught me by surprise. Looks like I’m not staying for dinner. I was so looking forward to relaxing tomorrow after a couple of hard days cycling.


START 8:30 FINISH 15:15 (24/12/15)


I was in two minds to ask weather I could stay another night or not. In the end I decided I would go. I got away about 830am. It was still another 2 hours before I got out of town. It took me a while to find a Supermarket. I wanted to make sure I was stocked up for Christmas. The supermarket was expensive and had limited choice. Just as I was coming out I ran into Chris a cyclist from the states who I last saw months ago back in Oregon. Unlikely to see him again as he is thinking of calling it quits. He pulls a trailer and has been having a hard time with the traffic. I have heard there is an Oasis 150km away. I am planning to get there tomorrow for Christmas day.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-24 019


I set off with the attitude I would cycle 50km and anything after that would be a bonus. With the help of a awesome tail wind I started to clock up the Km on a flatish road surrounded by sandy dunes. After 75km of nothing a rather bigish town appeared out of nowhere. I very quickly pushed on for another 25km and came across a large plantation. It was fenced off……..I kept looking for a place to camp. When I got to the end of the Plantation there was a gate. I stopped and asked if I could camp beside the gate. Not a problem. I found a small rake and levelled the ground. The security guard saw me and brought over a bigger rake for me to use. By then I didn’t need it…….but took it anyway since he had made the effort. It was a good safe place to camp. There must have been a Christmas party on the plantation because loads of people started to arrive. All the cars were stopped and searched. Then the music started and I got to listen to Mexican songs till 1am in the morning. I was in my tent by 5:30pm so still got a decent amount of sleep. I was up in time in the morning for a nice sunrise with Cactus in the background.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-25 003


START 7:15 FINISH 9:40 (25/12/15)


Merry Christmas…………tho it felt like any other day when I woke up this morning. I got moving as quick as I could. Knowing I had a short day I blitzed it.

From on top of the hill I could look down on the Oasis of San Ignacio.

It was looking very green and very inviting. It made a nice change from the dry desert. I have been told of the cyclists house is a good place to stay.

It was well sign posted which helped. It was easy to find. There was no one there including the owners, except for there small dog which eagerly greeted me. The instructions were make yourself at home and throw your money under the back door. I put my tent up down the back of the property overlooking a small stream and backing on to the date farm. Down below a number of horses were been kept by the nabour. I had a hammock, table and chairs to my disposal and best of all a power socket and a hot shower.

I didn’t waste much time and went on the search of food. The little dog followed me up to the supermarket. I was surprised it was open but grateful. The main part of San Ignacio was about 4km away.

I followed the road the went through the date farm past the old base ball diamond that had been destroyed with last years hurricane and the flood it caused and then I suddenly came across the most beautiful Lagoon. There were loads of different birds on it and at the end of the Lagoon was a cone shaped Volcano as a picturess backdrop.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-26 001.JPG

San Ignacio is an old Mission. As I got closer I could see te old Church. Started in 1776 it is a buetiful church and centre point of the Plaza.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-26 015

Around the Plazza were lots of old building. Some having seen better days. San Ignaico is full of charm. I wondered the back streets and found two guys sitting out Celabrating Christmas with a few beers. I stopped and talked with them for a while. I ran into a group of Students form Vermont and have mentioned A restrant near the square that will be opening at 5pm for a Christmas dinner. I said I would be keen to atend. Before then I went and exploured the grounds of the church. They had set up a nice nativity display.

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-25 067

I then returned to the Cycling house to prepare before going back to the village for dinner. On my way back in the little dog followed me. I tried to dissuade him but with no avail. When I got to the restaurant shortly after 5pm the dog very patiently sat outside and waited for me. Inside the restaurant the group from Vermont were well into there Christmas dinner. It looked like they had been there a well. I soon discovered I had recently crossed a time zone and the clock had gone forward a hour. 

BAJA MEXICO 5 2015-12-25 121

The Restaurant was owned by Sara an expat Canadian and she had cooked a super Christmas dinner with Turkey and all the trimmings and you could eat as much as you wanted. It was a great group of people to spend Christmas with. Drinks were included with the set price. The Margareta’s were too strong. I only had one and I had to water it down. We had a few shots of Jayguarmister  as well. To save the walk, one of Sara’s friends offered ne a ride home. I couldn’t bear to leave my new loyal friend so we too the little dog in the car too.


After finding such a nice place. I was keen to hang around for a few more days. I would just have a relaxing morning before taking a walk into the Mission. My little friend would again follow me.


BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-28 008.JPG



START 8:40 FINISH 15:00 (28/12/15)


It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the little dog who had pretty much followed me around for the past 3 days. He even tried to follow me as I cycled off down the road.

He was a very gentle and placed dog. He never once tried to jump up and get some food off me. It was a different story a few hounded meters down the road when I got chased by some big dogs. One of the buggers grabbed my back pannier and I felt the whole bike lurch to the left. I’m glad I still have my bear spray………….I may be using it on the dogs soon.

This whole area is very volcanic. Just about every mountain is a dormant Volcano.

I had to cycle past two Volcanos which involved two good climbs followed by two good downhill runs. Early afternoon I reach the sea of Cortez having crossed the Baja from one coast to the other. Shortly after that I reached Santa Rosalia.

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-28 041

There use to be a old French Copper mine here dating back to 1906. A lot of the old mining buildings and equipment still remain. There is long concrete tunnel that goes up to the top of a hill behind the town. It was used to carry away from the town the smoke from the smelter. I spent a good few hours exploring. Now the mine has closed people have gone and built there houses on top of the piles of Tailings…………doesn’t seam very safe. These mountains of waste sit behind the town. I saw one house that had been submerged by a mud slide.

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-28 186

This evening I tried my luck with the local fire station. They are kindly putting me up for the night. I have put my tent up behind a fire engine. The two fire engines and a Ambulance along with Jackets, Trousers and boots were all previous used and have all now been donated by the Manhattan Beach Fire Department near La. I cycled past this station on my way . 

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-28 226


START 7:30 FINISH 14:30 (29/12/15)


About 400km away in Catavina I meet a Canadian couple Debbie and Greg. They said that when I got down this way to call in and see then at Santispac beach. They have there motor home set up in the yard of friends holiday home that has its own private beach. Never to say it wasn’t hard to peddle today. I got to Muege in good time. Its a small old town. The supermarket was full of tourists. Lucky one tourist stopped and talked to me. I was just going to cycle through town before re-joining the highway. Actually I would have ended up at the lighthouse. So he saved me a trip.


BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-29 039

In the afternoon I came across David a cyclist from Italy. Funny thing was he had herd about me from a guy in Fairbanks Alaska and we had finally ran into each other.

When I got to Santispac it was just stunning. Its a camp ground and all the motor homes are lined up. I was told to look for the first house at the east end of the beach. I made my way round and found a very nice property. No one was home. But I found Greg and Debbie’s motor home tucked down the back next to the beach. The door was open. So I knew they weren’t to far away. I went and sat on the beach while I waited.

Straight away I saw a guy swimming……….then I realised it was a pod of dolphins playing just a short way from shore. I only had to wait a short time before Debbie and Greg returned. I gave Debbie a bit of a fright. She hadn’t even seen my bike I had left leaning on the gate to the beach. I was glad they wee happy to see me. They had been wondering when I was going to turn up and had hoped I hadn’t already passed.

I got set up on the back patio of the house. It was my own lovely little spot. We then all went down to the local Restaurant for the weekly 2 for one happy our. It was packed with Happy campers………..all of whom looked as though they were retired.

We didn’t over do it and went back to the motorhome for dinner. Debbie had cooked a lovely chilli.

Debbie and Greg have both retired. They spend half the year in Canada living in there house boat and the other half come down to Mexico for the winter.


Greg mentioned a nice hike to do in the morning. So when I got up I took a walk up to the hill overlooking the bay for a beutfuil morning sunrise.

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-30 009

Afterwards I went back for some breakfast on the patio. Greg scared the living day lights out of me when he came round to invite me over to the motor home for some pancakes. After my second breakfast Greg kindly took me out for the day. We started by driving down the coast past a lot of nice little primitive beaches with a few campers spread out here and there. After about 35km we left the main road and headed of road through a Ranch on a 4×4 track. We came across a few wondering horses and donkeys and past a lot of empty escalope shells and a few primitive fish camps. This area has been completely fished out.

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-30 050


We then drove up a dry river bed to start of a cannon where we then walked and exploured for a few hours. All through out the cannon are old rock painting done my the the indidus Indians. Mostly of fish, turtles and the odd hand print.

BAJA MEXICO 6 2015-12-30 030

We stopped for a hamburger on the way back at a beach restaurant. The place was full memorabilia of the Baja 1000 a race simuliar to the Dakar car rally.

The day was rounded off with a lovely chicken dinner prepaired by Debbie in the motor home and a quite drink.

I was easily presided to stay for New Years. After breakfast Greg and I took the Kayaks out. It was the first time I have ever used a Kayak with pedals and it was great.

BAJA MEXICO 8 2015-12-31 011


We went out in the serch of whale sharks. I had to settle for dolphins swimming just a few meters from the boat or even under. Which was pretty cool. Debbie came out to join us on the paddel bord and we all went over to a beach on the other side of the bay that had a hot pool. Lucky for us the tide was just right so we were able to use it.BAJA MEXICO 8 2015-12-31 001.JPG


That evening we went down to the local beach resturant for a New Years eve Dinner and afterwards a bit of dancing. We didn’t make it to Midnight. We were back at the motor home for some cheese, crackers and some champine. When midnight came I was in my tent. I could here the loud fire works and people shouting from across the bay. Happy New Year.

BAJA MEXICO 8 2015-12-31 031


START 9:00 FINISH 17:00 (01/01/16)


It was hard to leave this morning. I sat out the front of the motor home with Debbie and Greg drinking coffee and I was thinking I would much rather be Kayaking today then cycling. They even offered to drive me to La Paz if I wanted to stay. At least I wasn’t to hung over and at 9am I was on my way. Before leaving It was nice of Debbie to give me a small bag of goodies to take with me. New Years day the roads weren’t to busy and I appreciated the tail wind. It was nice winding down the coast and past the sandy beaches. This is where every one camps. After 45km that ended and the real work started as I started to climb inland before going back out to the coast at Loreto. I cycled straight pass Loreto wanting to get to the Marina Greg and Debbie had told me about. At km 141 I found the turn off. I also found the water tap that was under a tree next to an old building just 250 meters down a dirt road. It was 2km down to the Marina.

BAJA MEXICO 8 2016-01-01 022

On the way I passed a flash hotel and went through a subdivision that had been laied out. No construction yet. The gate to the Marin was locked. I just went a short way along and found a place to camp on the waters edge. There were a few boats in the Marina, It was very quite. I was pleased with such a produtive day a having a great place to camp. The caretaker lived in a caravan on a small island in the Marina and as the sun went down it was nice listening to him sing as he went around and watered the plants.


START 8:20 FINISH 17:15 (02/01/16)


The wind dropped and it was a lovely morning to sit and have my breakfast beside the Marina. Something was chasing the fish as they were leaping out of the water. The Pelicans were looking on with interest. Once I did get going I could feel it in my legs. They were aching a bit after yesterdays big day. I did them no favours because I went straight into a big climb with a number of big switch backs as we left the coast and headed inland. We quickly gained height and I soon found myself on top of a huge Plato. It must have been fertile land because large parts had been cultivated for Mandarin trees and other green vegetables. Cludad Insurgentes was a bigish town and I stopped at the supermarket to resupply. I got the feeling it was a prosperous town worth some wealth. The people looked well dressed. All the guys were dressed like cowboys. Keen to push on and do a few more kms before days end. I headed on as soon as I had finished at the supermarket. I was surprised that only another 15km down the road I came across another big town.

BAJA MEXICO 8 2016-01-02 009

Just when I wanted to find some where to camp for the night. Was feeling tired. I cycled on for another 15km to get away from the urban sprawl. The road is often fenced on both sides, sometimes making it difficult to find a place to came. So when I found a side road with no gate I shot in and found a nice place to camp about 150 meters off the road. I could been seen from the road. Once the sun went down in a hour I would be invisible. I wasn’t to far away from a Ranch because I could here music and people talking to the early hours.


START 8:15 FINISH 15:00 (03/01/16)


After a couple of hard days, my legs are feeling pretty tired. It was hard to get them moving this morning. The road surface wasn’t as nice as it has been and a lot of it was up hill. Been the last day of the holidays and everyone going back to work tomorrow. There was a lot of traffic on the road for a Sunday. It was hot day as well and I was missing my sun hat. I was running low on water when I got to Santa Rita. The shop on the main road was only selling 1 litter bottles for 10 Paso. I normally get 5 litres for 20 pas. I went into the dusty town and found a water station……… I got all my bottles filled up for 10pas. I am now sorted till I get to La Paz  tomorrow.

BAJA MEXICO 8 2016-01-03 004

After doing my 100km for the day I decided to call it a early day. I found a roadside restaurant I have been able to camp beside. I then usually go in for a meal. The only thing I can order with confidence is Carnie Asada (Steak & Chips) I have never paid more then 75 Paso. So when I was told it was 180 paso I just got a drink instead. Not sure what was going on there. When there are menus with no prices I am always on my guard. Not sure how they are going to take it when I get my gas stove out to cook dinner later.


START 7:10 FINISH 15:00 (04/01/16)


Last night I heard them lock the gate. So this morning I was relived when I woke up at 6:30am to find it had been unlocked. I had thought I was going to be trapped for a few hours and I was just keen to get going. I flagged breakfast and left just after 7am. Cycled 20km then stopped for a apple and a couple of chocolate chip biscuits before pushing on again In the morning I could see the pacific coast and a few hours later I was back looking at the sea of Cortez before a nice down hill run in to La Paz.


BAJA MEXICO 8 2016-01-04 005

The biggest city on the Bahia. It sprawled a bit and it took a while to getting into down town, which is right on the waters edge. I spent a few hours here before finding my warm showers host for the night. Tuly and Jose live only a few km from the centre so were very handy.


START 11:00 FINISH 17:30 (05/01/16)


It’s been about 28 degrees the past two days. It warms up pretty quick. On the way out of town I called in to a barbers for my first Mexican hair cut. 50 Pasos seamed like a fair price. I asked about a shave as well and that was included with the 50 pasos , so even better. She did a nice job on the sides. I asked for it to be kept a little longer on top. I even showed her the ideal length. She was having trouble getting it even because I just watched it getting shorter and shorter. The shave was a funny business. I thought it would be with a razor blade instead she got out a electric razor and half way through she handed me the razor to finish it off myself. I got into Todos Santos right on sunset. BAJA MEXICO 9 2016-01-06 017

It is a nice old Mission town close to the beach. I cycled straight down the main street, in a bit of a hurry to find a place to camp. When I got to the end of the main street I saw an empty lot behind a wall and I scouted in there to camp behind a pile of rocks. A dog from a house across the street new I was there because it wouldn’t stop barking. But it owner sure didn’t. The empty lot backed onto a hotel complex and I was entertained for the evening with some live music.BAJA MEXICO 9 2016-01-06 021BAJA MEXICO 9 2016-01-06 042




I started the day thinking I would just  have the morning to have a look around Todos Santos and then in the afternoon I would head out and do 30-40km. This then leaving me a short day for tomorrow to cycle in to San Jose Del Cabo. As the day went on I was still in Todos Santos after visiting the museum which had some interesting things, the church and wondering the streets. The town is is also still recovering from last years Hurricane.

BAJA MEXICO 9 2016-01-06 054

I spent a big chunk of the day in a small café relaxing, drinking coffee and eating. Then when it came 6pm I just cycled back to my previous camping spot from yesterday evening, set up my tent, cooked some dinner and had a early night.


START 7:15 FINISH 15:00 (06/01/16)


I’m in for a real treat today. I am meeting up with my friend Danielle from San Diego.


BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-07 017

She has a time share at the Grand Mayan 5 star resort in San Jose. So I had no better incentive to leave with out breakfast and pedal fast. I got to Cabo San Lucas around lunch time. Its the other big tourist town here. Had a cheep feed in the supermarket before starting the last 30km East along the coast. Lots and lots of resorts along the way. The colour of the water was just stunning and when I was higher enough I could see Whales swimming in the bay.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-07 015


When I cycled up to the entrance of the grand Mayan they didn’t quite know what to make of it. I talked my way in. They kindly went and put my bike in storage. They gave me a guest pass and I went down to the pool for a wash and to wait for Danielle who was flying in later in the afternoon.

It wasn’t long before Danielle turned up and we walked into the old town. Thursday night is art night and we went around the many galleries. For dinner we went local. After getting directions( 1 block West and then 7 North) we came across a good local restaurant with plastic chairs and tables.

The Grand Mayan only do week to week starting Friday. So been a Thursday we actual were a day early. So when we came back at about 10pm we just went down and hung out at the pool. We ended up Camping out on the Sun beds. It was a cold night……..we weren’t very organised and ended up using towels as blankets. Had thought about putting my tent up on the beach and sleeping in that. Funny no one questioned us been there.


BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-08 004

At 6am we relocated to watch the sun come up. Must have been a good spot becouse 30 mins later the first of the Chair baggers was out. Before we left a string of towels had been placed around up. Some pro’s even had pegs so there towels wouldn’t blow off. With the sunrise we saw our first Whales of the day.

Danielle has hired a car so we headed out pretty early………starting by heading back to last nights dinner joint for Breakfast. We then headed up the East coast. The road started off good before turning into a dusty dirt road for the next 75km. It was a really beautiful coast. Mostly untouched. There were a few small community’s and the odd very luxury house.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-08 019


Donkeys, Goats and Cows roomed wild. The best thing of the day was from high up on the cliffs watching a number of Whales at work. They were slapping and splashing there tails in the water. It was fantastic and at times they would breach to create a huge splash. It was really wonderful to watch. Even when we stopped at Cabo for lunch we could still see Whales out at sea.

The drive back on the sealed inland highway was a lot quicker.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-11 014


After a long day it was nice to cheek into our room and what a nice room it is with Hot tub all the trimming and a balcony with a great sea view. This is certainly going to do nicely for the next 7 days. The bell boys chased me down as I walked through the hotel. They wanted my bike out of storage, so it has now joined us in the room.

We are really trying to keep eating local and to stay away from the touristy joints. We were a bit late getting back out for dinner. We ended up stumbling apon a restaurant at the front of someone’s house. We ended up getting some good cheep Mexican food.

Saturday. Every time Danielle comes they want her to upgrade. They try and sweeten you up with a free very nice buffet breakfast with a Resort repasentive before having a a presentation and going on a bit of a tour. I hope he wasn’t in a hurry because I had everything.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-09 004


Started with a Mexican Breakfast, then some Bacon and Sausages and then I was back to get a omllete made. After that on was on to the fresh fruit salad. Finished it off with half a dozen of the small very fancy deserts.

The tour wasn’t to bad and we got to see some of the glam sweats……….who needs a pool on your balcony, a kitchen and a dinning room table.

In the afternoon we used the car again to drive to Cabo San Lucas. Its a real tourist town. The big cruise ships call in here…………to think 20 years ago there was nothing here.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-10 017



We had a interesting walking around the marina. Some fish men had caught some big Marlin. Before we left we took a water taxi out to see the famous Arch. It was a nice little trip. Called in at lovers beach where everyone comes to party for the day, before seeing the Sea Lions and the Arch itself.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-10 037



The water was clear and we could see lots of colourful fish.

The good thing about this morning presentation was that Danielle also got a dinner voucher for the Italian restaurant at the Resorts golf club. We did well getting in Pizza, a Salad, Brochette and some Taumasui.

Sunday we had breakfast from what we could scrounge from my panniers. Bread, peanut butter and apples. Before embarking on a walking tour. There is a small Esotery and reserve close by. It was awesome. We saw so much, White and Blue Herron, Ospreys and loads of other birds. We saw some Turtles and A Gowanda as well.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-09 016

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-09 037


We finished off walking along the beach. There was a guy with a small microliter offering 5 min rides for $US 50.00 . No health and safety as he took off and landed at will.

Monday Sadly it is Danielle’s last day. Good for me I am allowed to stay for the rest of the week. We went local again for brunch after running in to some tourists who were heading to the local market food hall where we had some more good local Mexican food.

BAJA MEXICO 10 2016-01-11 009


In the afternoon we finally got to enjoy the resort pool hanging out there for a few hours before Danielle had to go to the airport.

Tuesday. People have joked at why haven’t I put my tent up. Funny thing was, last night I was doing bicycle  maintance on the balcony and this morning I was eating my breakfast out of a camping pot.

BAJA MEXICO 11 2016-01-13 001


I finally got to the pool at 3pm today. Had a nice swim and a little seaster in the sun before heading over to the spa centre to use the hot tub and then the Sauna and I finished off with the steam room. Should be same again tomorrow.

BAJA MEXICO 11 2016-01-14 017

Wednesday I am really enjoying this 5 star resort life. From the balcony, early morning I can see whales in the bay. I was out early this morning. I started by walking down to the Lagoon for a spot of bird watching. I then went and walked through the cemetery which is directly opposite the resort. They really pack em in and there is not much structer to the lay out. Some of the graves dated back to 1830 and were well weathered. I still made the pool by 10am and got myself a nice bed for the day. I only left to go up to the room to make my sandwiches for lunch. 4pm I went back to the spa for another session before heading up the road for my favourite dinner restaurant………which is only full of locals.

Thursday……….Last day. It’s actual really sad to be leaving. Not just because I have to give up the 5 star life……….it will be hard to leave tomorrow.

BAJA MEXICO 11 2016-01-14 036

I’m going to miss going out for dinner every night and seeing my local resturantor who I have built up a repoure. It was really sad to tell him I wouldn’t be coming back tomorrow. Earlier in the day I went back to the Lagoon. Was really active saw a Kingfisher, woodpeckers, herons and another Gowanda. Followed by another good day at the pool.BAJA MEXICO 11 2016-01-14 014



START 13:30 FINISH 16:00 (15/01/16)


All good things come to a end…………unfortunately it is moving day at the Grand Mayan. After a really great week it has come to a end. With cheek out at 10 am I was trying to make the very last most of everything. I got up at 7am and started with a bubble bath and then at 8am when the Spa opened I was down for a Hot tub followed by a Sauna and then the steam room. Then at 9:55am I had to find a way of getting my bike out with out wheeling it through the front foyer. So I took the bike down to the basement wheeled it out the tradesmen entrance and back round to the front of the hotel. Where I said I would leave the bike for just 5 mins while I cheeked out. At reception I was told just keep your wristband encase you still want to use all the facility’s for the rest of the day. I thought this is great. 10 minutes later I was back at the pool. Then I was in two minds. Should I stay a whole day and then just go and camp on the beach for the night and start fresh in the morning. In the end I finally went back and got my bicycle at 1:30pm.

BAJA MEXICO 12 2016-01-15 014


Shortly after headed out. The plan is to do a loop back to La Paz by taking the very scenic Coast road along the East Cape. It is a bit of a mixed road. Dirt, then paved for a few km and then back to dirt and sand. I covered 30km in a few hours and I was happy with that. After 8 days off the bike. I didn’t want to go to hard. It was a boiling hot afternoon and I found a great spot on the beach to set up camp. Looking through the binoculars I instantly saw a huge splash and a whale crashing through the water. What a awesome sight.






START 8:30 FINISH 16:00 (16/01/16)


My day started with a awesome sunrise and it got even more awesome as I watched some very active whales off shore. Heads down and tail up. It was a terrific sight while I ate my breakfast. I hadn’t realised how sandy the road was going to be and how difficult it was actually going to be to cycle. Yesterday I had really enjoyed watching the beautiful coast. Today was a different story. Most of the day my head was down as I struggled to cycle through the sand……….as it just sapped my energy. The strong headwind wasn’t much fun either. I spent day moving at a snails pace. Many times I had to get off and push. The road was really terrible on one really rough stretch I lost two off my water bottles as they fell off the back of my bike with out knowing.

BAJA MEXICO 12 2016-01-16 015

After 6 hours I had reach Cabo Pulmo I had only gone 37km and I had, had enough. I called into the dive school and they kindly let me fill up all my water bottles I had left. By this time I was completely out of water. I asked about camping and with the wind the guy suggested I go back 10km…………..I said your joking. There is no way I am going back. I found a slightly shelter spot on the beach just north of town. Lots of people were camping and I camped next to 3 Spanish backpackers.


START 7:30 FINISH 17:00 (17/01/16)


After such a bad day yesterday in the sand. I couldn’t wait to get back on the tarmac. 10Km and a hour later I had made it. The tarmac was nice, but the head wind was still a pain. By morning tea I had reached San Carlos. I stopped at the local supermarket and got some really yummy and freshly made Empanadas. In between San Carlos and Los Barriles I re-joined high way one.

BAJA MEXICO 12 2016-01-17 023


At Los Barriles I stopped on the beach for lunch. I got battered by the wind while watching 30-40 kite surfers and a few wind surfers. I was tempted to stop for the day. Decide to push on. Left the coast. Spent the rest of the day climbing while cycling inland in to the mountains and back towards La Paz. As we got higher the vegetation became thicker. I had a Deer with big antlers run out in front of me. At one point there had been a rock slide and one lane of the road was blocked. I passed through a nice mountain town that seamed to be hanging off the side of the mountain. I was pleased with the progress………when it was time to find a place to camp it was difficult. The road was fenced on both sides and when I went to open a gate it had been tied shut with a fancy knot. So decided not to open it. I came across are Rv park and thought what the heck. 100 paso with hot shower and internet was ok. It was very tidy and I was the only person there. Then surprisingly two other cyclists from San Fran turned up.


START 8:30 FINISH 15:30 (18/01/16)



It was a cold morning in the mountains to start the day. But within 15 mins of starting to cycle it was hot. We descended down in to the small town of San Antonio, only to then start climbing. There was no wind and perfectly quite except for the sound of the cow bells as they wonded up the mountain. In the distance I could see a huge chimly stack. I left the highway and went and investigated.


BAJA MEXICO 12 2016-01-18 053


It was part of a old Goldmine from 1890. A local saw me and came out and gave me a little tour around. There was a English cemetery. The town itself was a nice old Mission town.

BAJA MEXICO 12 2016-01-18 031


After lunch it was the final stretch back into La Paz. With not to much difficulty I found Tuly my warm showers host. Two other cyclists Francy and Youhanious from Germany had just arrived. The plan now is to get a boat across to the mainland. The usual ferry is in dry dock and not running. The other passenger ferry goes 500km further North. Another option is to take a cargo ferry.


Tuesday Francy and Youhanious were going down to the Marina to try and get a sail boatBAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-20 002 to the mainland. So I thought I would go with them to try my luck. We cycled the 3km there. At 8am everyone tunes into the marine radio and you can go on the Marine radio and leave a message. We all so put up some messages on the board as well. We then cycled down to the other marina at the end of town and left some messages there as well.


Mid morning I took my bike to the bike shop for a tune up………to be picked back up at 5pm.

Wednesday We all went back down to the Marina. This time I herd A boat was looking for experienced crew. I called them up on the Radio and said I had had 5 days and arranged to come down and see them at 4pm at the other Marina. Rick and Sharon skipper Between the sheets. A 40 foot racing yacht. Our meeting went OK and they said they would let me know tomorrow.

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-20 005

Thursday I have decided if I can’t get on a sail boat I will just catch the Cargo ferry. First I am going to go out to Talcate beach for a few days to see my friends Greg and Debbi. They have moved there motor home down for a few weeks. I am going to be out of WI Fi contact so I thought I would send Rick and Shannon a quick message. So glad I did because I got a message straight back saying…………..

We’ve decided because of your endeavour to help others we want to help you.  We would be happy for you to join us in our trip over to the mainland.  We would like for you to be here Sunday at 3pm.

I am so happy to know I will be going on the sail boat. Things seam to always work.

I was lucky Greg and Debbi had come to town , so I was able to get a ride out to the beach. I brought my tent I will camp here.

We went for a picnic at Balandra beach which is in a very smelted bay. The tide was going out and we went for a walk around the coast to the Mushroom rock.

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-21 012

Back at the motor home 4pm is Happy hour and with the nabour Buck we played some form of Batonk.

Friday. I tagged along for a ride with Greg and Debbi down to the surf beach of La Vinta. There was a kite boarding competition. We all so went a little further and visited the lighthouse

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-22 006

Saturday. Before heading back to town Greg, Buck and I went out for a Kayak. We went from Tecolote Beach with the wind along the beach and around the cliffs past the mushroom.

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-23 029

Lots of Pelicans were nesting. Once we got around the point we lost the wind and we paddled right into Balandra bay.

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-23 049

The water was nice and flat and very clear. We went right up into the Mangrove swamps. There were some nice birds around. Going in we were paddling against the tied. Coming out was a lot easier.

BAJA MEXICO 13 2016-01-23 044

We were lucky because we didn’t have to paddle back to Tecalote because Debbi came down and picked us up with the jeep and we strapped 3 Kayaks to the roof.

Back at Tecolote Some large green Jack were chasing some small fish in the shallows.

It was a bit of a feeding frenzy, with 50 birds overhead as well. Greg got his rod out and hooked a 15 pound fish………he let it go. I had a go for the first time and hooked a good size fish………..after a short battle it got off.


Late afternoon I got a ride back to La Paz and when I got back to my host there were 6 other cyclists and there was a BBQ…………perfect timing. Franzi & Yohannus were there before I left, But Nelly and Jerome who I had already meet and camped with had arrived with there daughter Josephine. The other two cyclist John  from Ireland and one guy from Argentina. Turns out John has been reading my blog back in London before  he left.

Sunday. I was due to go on the boat today, but it has been put off till tomorrow.

Instead I walked into town to visit some museums, only to find they were all closed. On the way in I saw a Mexican guy wearing a New Zealand top.


I stopped to talk to him and his sun had lived in New Zealand and brought back the top for him.

It was still nice to wonder and I meet up with Nelly and the gang at the beach and we we for coffee.

BAJA MEXICO 15 2016-01-25 001.JPG


Monday. I thought I was going to be going on the sail boat today. Unfortunately the repairs haven’t been finished yet and we are now looking at departing next Sunday. I walked into town mid morning to visit a few museums. The Culture museum was free so that got a visit. It was interesting because it had displays about some of the places and towns I have visited on the way down. The whale museum was closed. But the skeleton out front was huge. BAJA MEXICO 15 2016-01-24 017.JPG


Tuesday. Tuly has told us about a Tortilla place close by where the lady makes them all by hand in front of you. Nelly, Jerome, Josephine and I cycled down for breakfast. The tortilla store is just in a front yard of a house in a residential area. We just sat at a table on the street to eat our breakfast. Afterwards we went to the local park and played a little game of football.

BAJA MEXICO 15 2016-01-26 002


Wednesday Was a home day. I didn’t leave the property till 4:30pm and that was only to go up to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner. Nelly and Jerome cooked us all crepes and afterwards we played some cards.

BAJA MEXICO 15 2016-01-26 011


Thursday My friends Greg and Debbi came into town fron the beach so I cycled into town to meet them for Brunch. We went local………for 60 paseo you got a omellete, coffee and juice. Then I went back to the house only to go straight back out for lunch with Nelly & Jerome. I took them to the local resturant I went to on Sunday. It wasn’t as easy to find the secound time, we did managed to find it. Afterwards we went into town. We were at the central Plaza when they started seetting up for a concert. An hour later the Las Paz Philamonical Orcerstra were playing. They were really good. They played some movie tunes and some well known Latin American songs.

BAJA MEXICO 15 2016-01-28 013.JPG

Friday Not what I wanted to hear. The sail boat departure has been put back yet again from this coming Sunday to Next Friday. The repairs are nearly finished, but strong winds are forecast. Rick wants to wait for them to pass.


START 9:15 FINISH 11:50 (30/01/16)


Since I now have a few more extra days to kill. I decided I would get out of La Paz and head back out to visit my friends out at Tecolote beach. It was a nice ride out there and not far either which was good. I have been feeling a bit flu this week. 29 degrees and a runny nose……….something wrong there. When I arrived my friends were out in there boat for the day. So I set my tent up and made my self at home. Enjoying a nice afternoon nap. When Debbi and Greg returned they offered me a kayak to take out. I was still a bit tired. We played some bitunque among the dunes instead.

That evening the wind got up and I got battered………..I didn’t sleep much at all. The tent filled up with sand.



The strong wind final abated around 6am. Which was enough to allow Greg and I to go out in the Zodiac for a spot of fishing. It was a buetiful still carm morning. After 3 hours we didn’t get a single bite. We did see a sleeping seal and a neaddle fish running across the water. The flu is still slowing me down. I had another afternoon of sleeping it off. Had a lovely sunset to watch.



Was hopping to get back out in the Zodiac this morning……but it blew all night and it didn’t let up. My friends left this morning to go back to la paz before heading north. I decided to stay another night at the beach. But I relocated a few km closer to La Paz.

I first tried to find a place to came at Balandra. It was full of people and then around the Mangroves. With out luck. In the end I found a spot over the hill close to the port on a small beach. There were a few people picnicking……..soon as the sun set they all left and I put my tent up.




I thought I had put my tent up in a good spot. At 11pm I woke up with loud sound of splashing waves. The tide was coming in and it was only a few meters from the tent. I then wasn’t sure if I was safe. So I moved the tent………….turned out I would have been alright.


START 7:30 FINISH 9:00 (02/02/2016


I had a really nice ride back into La Paz. Mostly along the coast. Sunny, still morning.

When I reach the Malecon I stopped and took lots of photos because the light was good. Mostly of the bronze sculptures.


Then it was a quick stop at Burger King. They were closed. I could still use there Wi Fi. I heard back from Rick. The Muffler has been installed. Just needs a few tests and I will go aboard on Thursday and we should be sailing Friday all going well. My warm showers Tuly has kindly taken me back again. Now its a busy few days to get ready for the boat.

DAY 336, 337, 338, 339 & 340 LA PAZ REST DAYS

I am now into my 3rd week in La Paz while I continue to wait for a sail boat. If I had known it was going to take this long I wouldn’t have bothered. To keep my self occupied for the day I walked down to the Marina and meet Greg for a coffee and in the afternoon I paid the all you can eat Chinese buffet a visit. 105 peso it was very popular with the locals. I was the only tourist there. Food was really good and I completely stuffed myself over a few hours.

Today is finally the day I go on board the sail boat. I got a really nice send off from all the other cyclists and headed off to the Marina. Between da sheets is not a huge boat. But after dismantling my bike we were able to find a place to store it and all my louge in the second cabin. We found room for my wheals in the dinggie. With the 2nd bed room full I will be sleeping on a couch in the main cabin.
Rick and Sharon have given me a sailing boat to read… help give me some of the basics.
Since it is not a big boat I went and spent the rest of the day in town before returning in the evening for dinner and a few movies. The word is we might be sailing Saturday or Sunday.

BAJA MEXICO 16 2016-02-04 013.JPG
Yellow and blue flag is flying,which means small boats are not advised to move. It looks like it will be Monday now before we set sail.
I walked into town meet Anja and Radko & two cyclists from England Sam & Laura.
We went and had some lunch before doing a few tourist things, all of which I have done before……….nice to just be in company. Wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the boat so I went and enjoyed a bit of the Carnival. There were lots of buskers and stages set up along the Melacon with lots different performers from singers, bands and dancers.

BAJA MEXICO 16 2016-02-05 022.JPG


After breakfast I got the shuttle in with Rick and Sharon to the farmers market. Some nice stuff. All a bit pricey for me. Late afternoon I meet up with Anja & Radko and we went for a coffee before they cycled out to the Ferry terminal to catch the night ferry to the mainland. For 1300 peso the ferry takes you 500km North of La Paz. So a bit of a backward steep. Sam & Laura turned up as well. They all left about 6pm and I went back for a few hours at the carnivalBAJA MEXICO 16 2016-02-05 029


BAJA MEXICO 17 2016-02-07 011

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