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It was a damp misty cloudy morning when I left the Bomberiors. I cycled out through some small villages on some well used rolloing roads to get back to the main highway. This side of Oaxaca is very green and very jungle like. The houses are very primitive. I am in pina country with fields and fields of pineapples.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-28 008

 In the afternoon it was really hot and humid and I stopped for a fresh pina and one of the many roadside stalls. No notible size towns around to find some Bomberiors to camp with so I settled for the secound best option of a Gasalina. Only down side is I can’t cook for myself. So I had to go and eat dinner in the resturant. It wasn’t to expensive. They did have free cold showers and I was certianly in need of one after a hot and sticky day.


START 7:00 FINISH 17:30 (29/03/16)


It seams like every morning starts off cloudy, misty, damp and humid.

I kept cycling along the libre to Acayucan which was a resinible size town. I cycled off the highway to have a look and a bit of breakfest at the same time. As towns go it wasn’t that exciting. No colanial building to be found. After breakfest I jumped on the Cuta and had no problem getting past the toll gate. As toll roads go. It was a bit rough. The sho;der was not the best. The biggest hill for the day was the climb up and over a massivly high bridge. Great views from the top over the plantations. Not much opatunity for food along the Autopista. After one of the toll gates I found a resturant for a late lunch. When I went to leave and after talking to the family about my trip. To my surprise they brought me out cold water bottles and some fruit to take with me.

Most of Mexico’s oil  rigs are in the golf of Mexico. There are a few  in land as wel

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-31 022

With it starting to get late and not knowing what was ahead of me. I took my chance and stopped at the first Pemex I came too.

They weren’t as friendly this time.They wanted me to camp outside the fence at first, before I talked them into letting me camp on the inside. Didn’t get a shower. For dinner I just had a hotdog frrom the Oxxo, a packet of choclate chip bisicuts, a snickers bar and a piece of fruit to fill up my stomach. Some areas must be worse then othrers becouse there was a armed guard with a Pump action shot gun.




START 7:00 FINISH 17:00 (30/03/16)


Im really liking this flat side of the country. By lunch time I had already knocked out 80km. It was getting supper hot. I left the state of Oaxaca and crossed into Tabasco. I guess most well knowen for it famous sauce.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-30 010


My momentium was some what slowed when I got another puncher. Back tyre as usuall and the cause the dreaded thin wire. Even with so called puncher proof tyres there is no defence. But just as I got my puncher. The Angles pulled up behind me. They are a free service to motorists and asist with break downs and medical emergiceys on the auto Pista and now bicylists with punchers. They called for back up and the Puncher spelist soon arrived. In 38 degree heat I aprichiated been able to city in te shade while I watch my tyre been repaired. Just as good was the cold water and sanwiched. Afterwards they gave me a 15km escort with flashing lights till they found another break down and had to stop.

When I arrived in Valahermosa I was having dificult finding the Bomberios and was getting frustrated after been sent in every direction. When I did find some Bomberios I was shocked when I was told I couldn’t camp. They gave me some directions to a place I could camp. I asked if it would be safe and they said no. …..I said thats no bloudy good. I will be safer camping outside your gate. They then said it would be up to the chief and he wouldn’t be back till 6pm. It was 4;30pm and I said I am spent and Im not going anywhere. So I put my tent up on a bit of grass on a very busy main street.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-30 016


It some what worked. When the chief arrived. He said I couldn’t came here, but he would cheek with Northbase. By 7pm it was decided that I would be going to Northbase and My bike was loaded into a small fire truck and I was taken across the city………..pretty much to where I had already cycled past earlyier in the day.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-30 020

The guys and Northbase were very welcoming. I got to sleep in the kitchen with A/C . Which was a real treat. After a much needed shower I joined the guys and ended up teaching them to play chess. We then played some cheekers. A little bit strange we were using the chess pieces as cheekers.


START 7:30 FINISH 16:30 (31/03/16)


Today was a nightmare day for punchers. Only after 15km and I had a flat. Discovered the patch that had been put on by the angles puncher repair man had failed. So I tried to patch the patch and withen only another few km it had failed and I was back to square one. Worse was to come later in the day. Meanwhile I continued to get closer and closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Early afternoon I crossed from Tabasco over into the state of Campache.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-31 018

As I cycle along the sholder. I constantly hear and sometimes see Eguaners turning and running through the bush. The other day I stopped for a drink and I must have spoked a Eguana that was in a tree becouse the next miniute it had leaped out of a tree and was crashing through the bushes in a hurry to get away. Towards the end of the day I got my 3rd flat. A frogin object had slashed a big hole in the side of my back tyre. I had just gone past a small property. So I pushed my bike back with the intentons to ask if I could camp. I got to the gate and called the owners. They wouldn’t come. They just ignored me. I wasn’t to impressed. I was tired and exhousted and stressed. I thought if they saw the flat tyre they woud understand.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-04-01 008

So I opened the gate and walked the 200 meters too where the two women were sitting under a tree next to the water. It was difficult to talk to them becouse they didn’t speak spanish and instead talked to me in a local indian dilect. I tried to explain I just wanted some shade while I fixed my bike and it was getting late to find a safe place to camp as well. I thought we had come to a good understanding. I went and found a tree to lie under.After a hours rest I fixed the puncher. Some young guys turned up and they told me to go around the corner and camp under the open sided shead. So I did. I was just setting up my tent when the husband turned up. At first he said I couldn’t camp here and I had to leave. Too my relief I was very quickly able to negotate my stay and I didn’t have to part with any money. Camping under the shead was a bad idea becouse it held the heat. It was hard to sleep in my hot sticky and humid tent.




START 6:30 FINISH 13:00 (01/03/16)


I got up as soon as the sun started to come up. Just as well becouse it turned into a supper hot day for cycling. For 60 or so km I cycled alond a narrow streach of land, surounded by wetlands and jungle on bothsides of the road. By mid morning I reached the long and straight 4km bridge conecting the mainland to CD Carmen.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 1 2016-03-29 013

By now the tempature was over 40 degrees hot and humid. It was a good time to be stopping for the day. I cycled into the Historic down town area of CD Carmen. Another typical colenial town that use to be a important port. I had a look along the waterfront and afew of the backstreets before I cycled out of the centre to find the Bomberiors and a place to stay for the night. They were only about 3km away and not to hard to find. As usually it wasn’t a problem and I was able to put my tent up behind the fire engine and have a much needed bucket shower. Having the Bomberios as a free place to stay is great for cyclists and works so well. After getting cleaned up I caught the bus back into the city to hang out for the rest of the day. I walked back along the water front to the fish markets and stumbiled across the local museum that was housed in an old 18 centry hospital. I got back to the station around 8pm. It was difficult to sleep. It was still 30 degrees hot and sticky and my tent was just a sweat box. Tried to leave the door open. The mozzies then show up. It was training night at the station and there was a bit of activity going on out the back. Few small fires and a lot of shouting. After they were finnshed they came and woke me up to join them for Pizza and Coke. Which I did. Luckey they were doing some trainning becouse that night they were called up a number of times. The last time was at 4:30am. So when I got up at 7am the station was empty.


START 7:30 FINISH 17:00 (02/04/16)


I only cycled a few km out of town and I found the Bomberios. They had been called out to Petrol tanker that had overturned on a roundabout. It was blocking my exit out of town and I needed to do a d tour. I stopped to take some photos. The Pemex police didn’t like it and were trying to get me back. Dispite the fact there were a croward of people standing 20 meters inside the corden………it was ok for them. But not for me. I argued the fact for a little while and then just left. Been smart I said I’ll take some photos of you instead.

This part of the country is real oil country. The Golf of Mexico is full of offshore oil rigs clearly visible from the shore. Im loving this flat part of the country and with a nice little tail wind I was humming along. After 4 and a half hours I had clocked up a 100km. For the first time on the Mexico mainland I ran into other cyclists. Sara and Bruno have cycled up from Costa Rica and are from Quebec and Swissaland. We ended up cycling together for the rest of the afternoon. Resturants and stores had been few and far between. We found a nice local resturant on the beach to stop at.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 2 2016-04-03 002

The first resturant we passed was a bit to flash and it had a swimming pool………..which did look inviting and looked pretty popular.

When we got to Champoton Sara and Bruno decided to get a hotel. I don’t normaly. But I was easily swaded. It did look like it was going to rain.

For 250 paso about $ US 13.00 I got a very basic room with shower and tolit. No hot water.


START 8:30 FINISH 5:30 (03/04/16)


I again cycled with Sara and Bruno. The conditions were some what different and more challanging. As soon as we started cycling, It started to rain and the wind was against us. It made for a slow day and made even slower when I got another blimin puncher. I pulled out a spare brand new tube. As soon as I pumped it up it started going down again. Turned out it was full of punchers probly caused by the Racoons way back in Orgin when they decided to nick off with my tube. So it turned out I had been carrying dead weight with a useless tube around for the past 6 months.



We got slightly caught out with the clocks changing overnight. We didn’t get in to Capache till late afternoon. We cycled in along the waterfront. Campache is another old colnenial Port town. Sara & Bruno went for a hotel. I went to find the Bomberiors. It was difficult and I found my self been directed in more then one direction. I waved a cyclist down for help. He was visiting from out of town. Called his daughter for directions. We ended up doing a full tour of the city going from one end to the other. He took me to where he thought it was. Only to be told it was somewhere else. I am greatful for his help and we did eventualy find the bomberios.

They were really welcoming and acomadating. They moved a couple of trucks. So I would have room to put up my tent undercover and sorted me out with a shower.

I really wanted to see inside the wall of the old part of the city. To save time I hopped on the bus for the 3km back in. The bus station is just out side the wall and next to the gate. So it was perfect. I wonded through the old city. Couldn’t find any food. So ended up at Burger King. Such a small world becouse Sara and Bruno had the same problem and I eneded up running into them as well.

Afterwards we went to the main Plazza and watch an impressive lightshow on the history of Campache. With acompaning music, imagies were projected onto the buolding on the the whole East side of the Plazza.

Before the lightshow they had a orcastra playing in the Plaza.


START 7:45 FINISH 16:30 (04/04/16)


This morning I had a nice ride out through the city and saw the Golf of Mexico for the last time as I headed inland to Media. I crossed the border from Campache over to yuactan. This is real Myan country. Lots os small towns along the way. Beside the road were the ocasional Mayan ruin beside the road and with little expanation. I had another good day knocking off 120km and found a Pemex gas station to camp in at the end of the day.


START 7:00 FINISH 11:00 (05/04/16)


I was only 60km away from Media this morning and I set off with the aim of getting there as soon as I could so I could have a half day explouring before moving on tomorrow. I cycled into town around 11am and easily found my warm showers hosts Ken and Erin who lived very central. They had a loverly house. As you walk in the swimming pool just looked so inviting. Ken and Erin have retired down here from the states. After a quick bite. I walked into the historical old town and spent the afternoon explouring yet another old colonal town. In the evening Ken and Erin were out and I went to a local park, where I found a band playing and the locals dancing.


Ken and Erin invited me to stay another day and it didn’t take much convincing.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 3 2016-04-06 013


After breakfest I went into town to go on the free 90 minute city walking tour which took you around all the promanant buildings around the square. The cathredal, the munisapality, Casa Mondro. The oldest building in the city and old Governors house.SOUTHERN MEXICO 3 2016-04-05 013

One of the building was full of muerials dicpicting the past history of the city.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 3 2016-04-06 019

After the tour I went and did all the free museums, Contempary art and city museum.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 3 2016-04-06 052

Beside the Catherdal was a out door expebition on the last 25 years of the press with Newspaper front pages showing some gresume events. I finished the day by visiting a few of the many art gallaries in the city.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 3 2016-04-06 066


START 8:30 FINISH 18:45 (07/04/16)


Having the extra day in Media ment I had some time to make up and I ended up having a huge day. I jumped on the highway and when that turned into the Cuta I jumped on that too. For 60 or 70km ther was nothing until I came across a toll gate. I asked the police for some water and they got me some ice. I joined them for lunch and they gave me some cold coke. Which was a nice treat. I left the Autopista to cycle into Piste for lunch. I found a resturant and for 50 Pasos I had a bowel of chicken soup, half a chicken, rice and salad. After my late lunch I pushed on past Chichen Itza, a big Mayan ruin site to Valladolid. I arrived late and I tried to find the Bomberios. I asked to camp at the Munisipal police station and they said no and gave me direction heading back out of town. After having a look there was nothing. I tried the Gasalina and there was nowhere there to camp. So I didn’t even bother asking.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 4 2016-04-08 005

I continued heading into the centre of town. I asked some locals and they said camp at the church. I saw a hostel and by this stage I was tired and had had enough. I was meet at the door by a transgender Canadian/Irish lady who said I could could camp out back for 70 paso and did I want to have a look. I said I don’t need to look I ‘ve had enough for today. It was a nice hostel with kitchen, hot showers and a swimming pool. I camped out by the pool where it was nice and cool.

Once I was cleaned up I walked to the Plaza for some dinner and a quick look before rushing back to the hostel to head off to a light show a little north of the hostel. We watched it twice becouse the first time it was in spanish and the secound tome in English. It explained the 400 year history of the Convent San Bernardino de Siena.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 4 2016-04-07 016


START 8:30 FINISH 17:30 (08/04/16)


I couldn’t match yesterdays effort of 170km. But I came close with a 135km day.

300km in two days has seen me cover some good ground. I finished the day only 19km short of the Carabian sea. I finnished short becouse my legs just could’t give any more. Along the road I passed adventure park after adventure park offering Zip lining, Quad biking and the odd Cenorte ( fresh water spring) for swimming.

I stopped at one of these and asked if I could camp. They said I could, It was outside the gate under a small shelter. I was quite happy. But after I had put my tent up, they came back and told me it was unsafe to camp outside and that I should move my tent inside the gate and put my tent up inside the outdoor bar. Which I did.














START 7:00 FINISH 08:20 (09/04/16)


I have been looking forward to this day for a good few weeks. I am cycling to Playa Del Carmen where I am going to stay with my friend Danielle for 7 days in the Mayan Palace Resort. It will be a nice little break before crodding over to Belize.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 5 2016-04-11 005

I am keen to get there to make every moment of it. The day didn’t start well when I woke up to a puncher. I was just going to pump it up and hope for the best. I thought better of it. Knowing it was going to be a short day. I set a cracking pace. 80 minutes later I was at the gate of Riviera Maya. I luv cycling up to a 5 star resort on a Byicle. They are never so shore of what to make of it. I cycled up to recption and had no problem cheeking in.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 4 2016-04-09 001

The room wasn’t ready so I had to park my bike out front. The guys joked about Valet parking. It was perfect timing becouse Danielle arrived from the airport just as I was getting ready to head to the gym to get cleaned up. Since we had to wait for the room we spent the day at the beach relaxing on sunbeds. On a clear day tyou can see Cuba. The water was warm and the sun hot. Even under the sun shade I ended up getting burnt.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 4 2016-04-09 005

Its a huge resort. Theres There are shuttles to get you around. About 6 different swimming pools. Half a dozen resturants, golf corse and lots of bush. There is some intresting wild life. Lots and lots of igunas, lots of different birds have been introduced and Cuti. Which are like a ringtailed Recoon.


SOUTHERN MEXICO 5 2016-04-10 033

Sunday Danielle has hired a car for the week and this morning we drove 80km down the coast to Tulum to visit the only costal Mayan ruins in the yucatan. They were awesome and with a ocean background were quite stunning.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 5 2016-04-10 049
There were loads of iguanas running around and just when we were leaving a great big boaconstricta crossed the road in front of us.

Before heading back from Tulum we went to the Biosferia Reserve to swim at a Cenote. The water came straight out of the ground and was crystal clear

SOUTHERN MEXICO 5 2016-04-10 067

Monday Was a relaxing day by the pool.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 5 2016-04-11 004

Tuesday We went into Playa Del Carmen for the day. Its very Touristy. Too much for me. You are constantly hounded by tour operators. I gave up replying in the end. It was becoming such hard work. We walked the strip. It’s a shame you only get glimpises of the beach everynow and then with a acess way. The area is so built up with hotels and resturants. Now Ive ticked that box there is no need to go back there in a hurry. It was much more relaxing to get back to the resort and have a swim.

On the walk down to the car park  we saw  a Cuti . Just one of the manyffrent types of wildlife they have here.SOUTHERN MEXICO 6 2016-04-13 002

Wednesday………We had a day out, taking the 35 minute ferry over to Cozumel island. The Island is only 6 % devaloped. But the only town on the Island San Migel certianly doesent fit that catagry becouse it is completely Touristy. Most days there are 5 or 6 cruise ships off shore brings thousands of tourists to the Island each day.SOUTHERN MEXICO 6 2016-04-13 020.JPG


In 1967 Jauqe Custu said it was one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it has been a draw card ever since. When we arrived we headed south, walking a few km before we found a nice spot to try out the snorkeling gear we had brought with us. SOUTHERN MEXICO 6 2016-04-13 031

There was no beach. The tide was just right. We were able to walk out a short distance over the rocks, before the rocks just dropped off and there was a bit of coral reef with lots of nice coluourful fish. We cheek out a few different spots along the coast. Along the way we passed a place where captive dolphins were in a pool where tourists had paid good money to swim with them. It was all a bit too touristy and chease. SOUTHERN MEXICO 6 2016-04-13 030

There was a walking art tour and we took time to have a look at a few of the pieces.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 6 2016-04-13 035

Thursday I had a bit of a maintance day. Sorting out some gear and after 15 000 km I changed my tyres as they are pretty much done.


Very happy with the Millage. I put the Marathron plus on in East Glacier Montana 11 months ago. I am really enjoying my time off the bike. It’s been a nice little break.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 7 2016-04-14 009

My friend Danielle has been spoiling me. This evening we went to Joya Cirque du Soleil dinner & show here at the resort. It is there only show you can see, where dinner is a option.


It was a wonderful experience from the minute you arrive. You are escorted to your table by one of the dancers in custum. We had a fantastic table very close to the stage.SOUTHERN MEXICO 7 2016-04-14 082

The food was wonderfull. The entrie came out and the waitter poured some water over the centre piece and it created smoke. We were given a small mouthful of a chilled spoon full of something called Dragons breath. Sure enough after eating it smoke was seen coming from my nose. Desert was the most intresting. It came out in a box designed at a old book. There wasn’t just one desert, but 4.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 7 2016-04-14 030


We had a fantastic table close to the stage and it meant we had things happening very close to us. Above us and behind as the preformers came out into the audience.


Friday It was a pretty long drive out to Chichen Itza to see the Ruins of the old Mayan capital. It was well worth it. We got there around 2pm. Thankful had enough time to look around this impresive site. One thing that surprised me was after you run the guentlet of hawkers on the way in you are then hounded by the buggers on the inside as you wonder round the ruins.



We picked up some tickets for the free sound and light show. Which meant we you got to go back in after hours and have a look around. The light show was good with the main ruin used as a screen.



Saturday & Sunday We made the most of the last two days by spending some time in the resort. A good bit of that time was by the pool. We also played some corn hole toss. Which consisted of trying to throw small bean bags throw a little wooden hole about 10 meters away. The nice thing about walking around the resort is you never know what kind of wild life you will run into. One afternoon we came across a whole pack of Cuti. Another time we came across this awesome Iguana.




 The resort also has some caged wildlife. There is a crocodile enclose full of lazzy crocadiles and on a small island on the lake they have a flock of pink Flamingos.                                                           



SOUTHERN MEXICO 9 2016-04-17 087


START 16:00 FINISH 18:30 (18/04/16)


All good things come to a end and Sadly I had to cheek out of the resort this morning.It wasn’t all bad becouse Danielle and I staied on to use the pool. It wasn’t till 4 pm that I started cycling. Couldn’t risk over doing it after a 9 day break so I only cycled 21 km down the road and cheeked in with the local Bomberiors. So tonight I am camping in my tent between two Fire Engines



START 10:40 FINISH 13:25


Just as well I cheek my emails this morning with a call into Burger King. I had a message from my friends Anja & Radko who were staying just 65 km south of Playa Del Carmen and were coming this way. We last caught up in Lapaz and have been trying to cross paths again for a while. So after a few emails it was decided I would cycle down to Tulum and meet up with them there. The road was flat and with the help of a little wind I was flying down the HighWay at 25-30km hour. Just 2 ½ hours later I arrived at there hotel at 1:25pm. Little ahead of time, as we had aranged to meet at 3pm. The the owner of the hotel was very welcoming as she was expexting me.

When my friends arrived the owner kindly invited us all for Margarettas and some snacks. Then it was sester time. It is just so hot.



START 10:40 FINISH 13:25


Just as well I cheek my emails this morning with a call into Burger King. I had a message from my friends Anja & Radko who were staying just 65 km south of Playa Del Carmen and were coming this way. We last caught up in Lapaz and have been trying to cross paths again for a while. So after a few emails it was decided I would cycle down to Tulum and meet up with them there. The road was flat and with the help of a little wind I was flying down the HighWay at 25-30km hour. Just 2 ½ hours later I arrived at there hotel at 1:25pm. Little ahead of time, as we had aranged to meet at 3pm. The the owner of the hotel was very welcoming as she was expexting me.

When my friends arrived the owner kindly invited us all for Margarettas and some snacks. Then it was sester time. It is just so hot.




START 11:00 FINISH 15:00 (20/04/16)


We have decided to go down to the beach to hang out for at least one or two days.

After breakfest it was a 7km cycle down to the beach. We called in to the suppermarket alomng the way to get surplies. There were a number of camper vans and a bus in the car park, all camping out. After our shopping we stopped to say hello. They were from Brisal, Argentina and Caralina was from Uraguay and traveling alone on her way to Alaska. We chatted for a while. Caralina and her friend from Argentina were making braclets to sell on the beach. They had been camping out in the car park for 20 days. It seams now more often and often the people I meet are asking if they can take my bike for a ride. I guess they are qurrious to see how difficult it is. They all get off saying no way and Caralina was no exception. She had a quick cycle around the carpark.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 10 2016-04-20 008.JPG

Anja & Radko had found a good place to camp yesterday when they were down the beach. It was next to the last resturant on the beach before the ruins. We set up our tent a little bit away under some coconut trees for a bit of shade…tho away incase a coconut dropped it wouldn’t hit us. We scavenged some materials from the beach to make a little area where we could sit and cook. It didn’t take us long to get in the water. The resturant had tables and sunbeds on the beach infront of us and these were bussy. 400 meters off shore is the secound longest coral reaf in the world and all along the beach were small boats taking tourists out so snorkel.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 10 2016-04-20 016.JPG

In the late afternoon Radko and I walked North along the beach to explore a little. On top of small hill was a white tower. Which use to be a lighthouse. We walked up for a look. The station is abbonded now. We were able to climb the tower and from the roof we had a fantastic panaramic view. Inland all you could see was flat jungle. To the North you could see the Mayan ruins and to the South the beach.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 10 2016-04-20 019.JPG


We very easily decided to stay another day. With a little cloud we had a nice sunrise.

Our morning swim was beutifuil. The water was so nice and the seaweed from yesterday had cleared. Not much else was done today except for the 14 km round cycle to the suppermarket. Late. Late afternoon Radko and I this time walked South along the beach. Just a lot of flash resorts and Resturants. All a step up and much buseyier then our very basic spot.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 10 2016-04-21 004.JPG


START 8:30 FINISH 17:00 (21/04/16)


After more then 4 months in Mexico. We are now coming to the last days. We are only 260km from Chitamal and the border with Belize. Then technicly after 13 months North America will be done and Central America will be starting. Looking forward to visiting my first new country in 3 years. We didn’t get far this morning before we had to stop to fix a puncher. I was glad it wasn’t my tyre for a change. So I got to watch Radko fix his front tyre……….only for the first time since Alaska.

After leaving Tulum the road was very straight for a 100km with only jungle on either side and very little in the way of towns. It was another stinking hot humid day.

When we reach Felipe Carrell our first stop was the Oxxo for a cold drink we had been craving all day and afterwards we went and asked the Bomberios if we could all camp. They put us in a storage hut which was perfect. We just put our tents up inside with out the fly for mosquito protection. We had a small thunder storm in the evening. Hoping this is not the start of the rainny season. Know it is coming soon.

 SOUTHERN MEXICO 10 2016-04-22 015


START 8:00 FINISH 15:30 (22/04/16)


We cycled nearly 50km this morning before we stopped to have lunch next to the ruins at Limone. It was again so hot and we all laid down on the tarp under some trees for a nap. We did a bit of bird watching and it was hard to get going again

SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-23 014

Out this way the towns and the houses are pretty primative and basic. The houses are constructed of wood and straw and are very open. We stopped early today. So we could camp and enjoy the lagoon. We rented a Papapla on the waters edge for $130 paso ($7) which we could all stay in. The water was very clear and we went for a nice swim off the jetty.SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-23 030


START 10:00 FINISH 15:00 (24/04/16)


We left one nice spot for another, only havng to travel 36km to get to Barcalar.

We visited the town first. An old fort had been built near the Lagoon. In te dry moet we saw a small fox and her 5 pups. Had the custmery photo in front of the sign.


SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-24 018

Not many people would know the Menintes have a colney in Mexico. I saw one of there horse drawn buggys come through town. They are are a bit like the Armish and original from Germany.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-24 037

SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-25 003

Short distance out of town we camped down by the Lagoon again for $100 paso. It was a loverly spot. We had a swim. The area is famous for its fresh water living corral which is easily visible from the shore. It has been nice cycling with Anja & Radko. They have been cooking some really nice meals.

SOUTHERN MEXICO 11 2016-04-25 019




START 8:15 FINISH (25/04/16)


In the morning we had a nice sunrise and the water was completely still. Watched some birds on the Lagoon while having breakfest, before cycling to Chetumel the border town with Belize. We home to stay with the Bomberios tonight and cross over tomorrow.